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Changing your Blogger Theme or Blogspot Theme is easy and simple. I decided to make a step by step tutorial on How to change the Blogger Blog Theme just for the Newbie Blogger out there. Hope this will help.

Download the theme that you want for your Blog. In this example I chose the Simple Blogger Theme. I love this Blogspot theme and I used it to several of my Blogspot Blogs. Most of the time I look for Blogger Themes at Eblog Templates, There’s a lot of beautiful Blogger Blog themes in this website.

Blogger Blog Theme

After you finish downloading, click the simple blogger theme zip folder to extract it.

The extracted Simple Blogger theme will look like this. Inside of that folder is the Simple Blogger Blog theme file.

Login to your Blogger account. From the Dashboard chose the Blog which you want to change the theme, then click layout.


On your layout view, click edit HTML,

Then click browse.

Look for the extracted Simple Blogger Blog theme file which you have just downloaded.

Click the folder and you can see the Simple Blogger HTML file.

Blogger Theme

Double Click the Simple Blogger Blog html file The click upload.

Blogger Blog Theme

Click confirm and save

Blogger Blog Theme

You have now changed your Blogger Blog theme, click view Blog. Here’s now the Simple Blogger Blog theme..

Blogger Theme

Changing Blogger Blog theme is really easy is simple, it’s only hard when you don’t know it yet. I wish I have made this tutorial” How to change a Blogger Blog Template” or Theme sound and clear.